Silicone Brake Fluid Dot 5

Silicone Brake Fluid DOT-5 Properties Consists of the Following:

  1. Outstanding Thermal Stability (-50 Deg C to +250 Deg C )
  2. A very small change ins viscosity with temperature. Very stable at elevated temperatures and have a very low freezing points.
  3. High Water Repellant.
  4. Extremely Inert Chemically: Incompatible with a number of substances.
  5. Anti-Adherence. Mold Release. Resistant to atmospheric attack and aging.
  6. Effective when used in small amounts especially where resistance to oxidation and hydrolysis are concern.
  7. Resistant to weathering, radiation and bacterial degrading is very good (aqueous solution will not effect these fluids).
  8. Excellent dielectric properties: Which is altered very little, if al all, by heat or humidity.
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