Iris Industries, Inc. was established in July 27, 1998 and incorporated in the state of New Jersey as a manufacturer of Silicon Brake Fluid. The company was organized by Olga Iris Acevedo who serves as President of company.

Iris Industries, Inc. provides their Iris-911 Silicone Brake Fluid Product to commercial and government on the local, state and federal level, also provides internationally to countries like Egypt, Thailand, France, China, Brazil and Germany.

The mission of our business is to manufacture a product that is specifically designed for the needs and benefits not only the end users but also the environment. We intend to continue to fulfill this mission by giving extra effort and addressing customer needs through quality service and superior workmanship.

Our Mission to expand around the the world has been accomplished throughout the years with hard work, dedication, struggles and mentoring of good people who are no longer with us but whom advice still lives in our hearts and that gives us the drive to keep moving toward that ladder of success.

Iris Industries, Inc. has a QPL(Quality Production List) certification with the Department of Defense and is the only women owned minority manufacturing company to have this certification in the United States Department of Defense.

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